About Hypnotherapy


About Hypnotherapy

Linda Alexander, leading clinical  hypnotherapist in Glasgow since 1995,  senior hypnotherapist and supervisor for the West London University Hypnotherapy Training in Glasgow, UK and overseas.  Lecturer in complementary therapies at Langside College, Glasgow.  Articles published in Glasgow newspapers relating to Hypnotherapy and various complementary therapies. Appearances  on STV and local radio relating to hypnotherapy and complementary therapies.

Hypnosis can be used to treat a wide variety of emotional and physiological conditions.   Some of the best known are stopping smoking,  losing weight, stress and anxiety,  but there are many issues that can be helped by hypnotherapy.  Some others include,  anxiety and depression, insomnia, phobias, fear of heights, needle phobia, childbirth, fear of insects/birds/animals, exam nerves, public speaking, agoraphobia, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder),   social anxiety, fear of commitment, psychogenic infertility/ conception difficulties,  addictions (sugar, alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, chocolate, carbohydrates) , insomnia, sleep problems, habit breaking, nail biting/hair pulling/teeth grinding/relationship problems, loss and bereavement, sexual difficulties ( inorgasmia/ premature ejaculation, impotence/vaginismus) , self esteem  and confidence problems, childhood sexual abuse problems, anger management, concentration and memory problems.

Appointments are usually made in advance at my practice in Glasgow by phone, email or text, but it is also possible by  skype/webcam for people in outlying districts or overseas.


Please see information below about hypnotherapy.

www.Hypnotherapy-Glasgow.net  has collated a list of informative studies and evidence  on hypnotherapy and various emotional and physical symptoms.  See below.

So, what is hypnosis?
The term ‘hypnosis’ comes from the Greek word ‘hypnos’ which means sleep. The ancient Greeks believed that it was possible to help people change their behaviour by sending them into sleep temples, where they would spend the night and in their sleep they would be positively influenced by the Gods.

Since then hypnosis has undergone radical change and research and it is now known that it is not necessary for the person to sleep but to merely be relaxed.

In a relaxed or trance-like state suggestions are then given to the unconscious mind to elicit change.

What is the Conscious Mind?
The conscious mind is the part of our mind which has conscious awareness. Often people know ‘consciously’ what they are unhappy about or what they would like to change but somehow they just cannot do it.

What is the Unconscious Mind?
No-one really knows the answer to this but there is evidence to show that there is a difference between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, almost as if they are two separate departments. In a relaxed or ‘hypnotic’ state it is possible to give suggestions to the unconscious mind which help people to make the changes they ‘consciously’ want to make.

What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for a therapeutic outcome. The therapist acts on behalf of the client and helps them to attain their personal goals, such as, stopping smoking, losing weight, being more confident, passing an exam etc.

How hypnosis works
Hypnosis works by activating the ability of the unconscious mind to change behaviour patterns or solve problems.

What is the difference between the conscious and the unconscious?
Nobody really knows where the conscious mind is in the body or the unconscious mind either but one thing we are certain of is that they are two different departments acting almost independently of each other.

Very often a person knows logically or consciously what their problem is but ‘they’ can’t fix it with the conscious mind. Old habits and behaviours are filed in the deeper part of the mind, the part that remembers everything from your first awareness in the womb, your first step, everything you have ever learned or experienced. That is why it is necessary to speak to the unconscious mind and give suggestions to that part, to change or do something different.

This is one reason why hypnotherapy can help much faster than other therapies such as counseling and psychoanalysis.

Use the links below to read more about hypnotherapy and some of the problems hypnotherapy can help with:

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