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Hypnotherapy: a natural, effective solution to bed – wetting in children

By Lynda Hudson BA (Hons) Psych, D Hyp Dist, MBSCH, MBPsS

Hypnotherapy awareness week brings an excellent opportunity to tell people about a natural and effective solution to your child’s bedwetting problem. The problem is not, of course, confined to the child. Bedwetting, or to give it its clinical name, Nocturnal Enuresis, is the cause of untold misery to both child and parents. The endless washing of sheets, the ruined mattresses, the lingering smell of urine that seems to pervade the whole house, witnessing your child’s own dejection and disappointment, the desperation of the situation seeming never to get any better are just a few of the parental responses to this problem

The child him or herself (and in fact it is likely to be ‘himself’ since the problem more often occurs in boys) is likely to suffer in different ways, possibly the worst of which is the damage to their self-esteem. They feel they should have outgrown what they see as a babyish problem and according to their own personality can feel ashamed, depressed, irritated by being asked about the problem, angry with themselves or others, fed-up because they can’t go on ‘sleepovers or school trips without embarrassment or complicated cover–ups. It can cause very practical difficulties too; they often have to get up and change sheets in the night so sleep is broken with attendant tiredness and irritability in the mornings or they have to wake up earlier in the morning to change bed clothes and make time for a shower. It feels horrible to wake up in wet, smelly pyjamas and sheets. Probably worst of all is the ever-present sense of failure and the need to go to extraordinary lengths to hide the fact from friends and, sometimes even other members of the family.

By the time parents bring their children to see a hypnotherapist, they have often exhausted every other avenue and come, as they say, in a ‘last ditch’ attempt to solve the problem. They have tried bed-alarms, they have tried medication, they use mattress protectors, they use incontinence protective pants (another source of embarrassment to the child). What a pity that hypnotherapy couldn’t have been the first avenue; in fact, after having checked out that there is nothing medically wrong, it could easily be both the first and the last solution.

Hypnotherapy is gentle, natural and safe and makes use of the child’s imaginative powers to change their expectations of failure into success. It leads them into taking control of their bodily functions in ways which delight and amaze both them and their parents.

I have worked for years helping children overcome this enuresis problem through the use of safe and natural hypnotherapy and, at the same time, supporting my clinical work with them using tailor – made cassettes and CDs. From all this experience, I have made this type of treatment more generally available and affordable to children everywhere by producing a series of CDs especially for children. The ‘I’m Dry at Night’ CD designed for 6 – 9year olds contains fun imagery where the child is encouraged to engage in a mental process of locking up the door to the bladder; they then stand sentries on guard, arranging for messages to be sent to the brain to WAKE UP when the bladder is full and walk to the toilet.

It is very common to find the problem persisting into the teens so, because of increasing demand for help for older age groups, I have now also written and recorded Good Morning!, a CD suitable for 10-15 year olds.

The power of the child’s imagination should not be underestimated; given the right opportunity and guidance, the mind and the body can work in harmony to dramatically increase the number of times they can wake up to a warm dry bed

Both the above CDs are available for purchase on the Children’s CDs page on the website what could be a life-changing yet gentle, relaxing and comforting experience on CD. Very often just listening to the CDs regularly as they go to sleep will be the complete answer. Sometimes it is the catalyst for change and the child needs the extra benefit of having one or two face-to-face sessions with a hypnotherapist for total control of the habit. In this case, always choose someone who is well qualified, accustomed to working with children and has had experience of helping them with this condition 

For Hypnotherapy in Glasgow Contact: Linda Alexander, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, MBSCH, AdvDipCHyp. DipCBH at Tel 0141 632 1440 and 07875 493 358, also

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