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Clutter and Hoarding – There is Hope! Hypnotherapy Helps Decluttering and Organizing

By Beverly E Taylor

Expert Author Beverly E Taylor


When clutterers see mountains of clutter around them, they often feel hopeless. The situation can look bleak for months or years. Take heart, there is hope. Decluttering can be made simple with the use of hypnotherapy. Read here to discover five powerful elements of hypnotherapy for clutterers and hoarders. I’ll show you five problems clutterers and hoarders have, and how each element of hypnotherapy provides the solution.

1- It’s at your own pace. You are guided through your own process of decluttering your mind and heart. There is no rush or hurry; it’s a process of letting everything unfold one step at a time. Soon, the power of your unconscious mind helps you release what holds you back.

2- Let go of negative thoughts. Thoughts like “I should” or “I can’t” are rigid and inflexible. They keep you holding on to your clutter very tightly. In fact, these thoughts are also clutter. “Shoulds” and “can’ts” are released during hypnotherapy in a gradual affirming way.

3- Release negative emotions. Guilt, shame, and fear – these are just some of the emotions that get tangled up with clutter in your life. If you are hoarding clutter out of fear, you are likely to keep it until you release the fear. In hypnotherapy, your negative emotions are gently acknowledged and set free from your heart.

4- Hypnotherapy encourages you to use your best personal gifts. Use your imagination and your creativity to let go of clutter. You can invent personal rewards for yourself and create ways to enjoy the decluttering process. When decluttering is fun and relaxing, it becomes a healthy habit in your life.

5- Hypnotherapy is successful. This is a gentle affirming process that uses your own untapped mind power. There is nothing magic or tricky about it. Many clutterers benefit every day from the empowering process of hypnotherapy, especially with a hypnotherapist who specializes in clutter.

The “Wandering Butterfly Clean Up Technique” is a wonderful way to make it easy to clean up. It is excellent to use when you don’t feel like cleaning up, yet you get something done! To receive the free document, click here

Many clutterers benefit from the gentle, easy and empowering process of hypnotherapy, especially with a hypnotherapist who specializes in clutter. Beverly E. Taylor, the “Clean Up Queen” is the only person in the world who has written a book using hypnotherapy to help people easily clean up clutter

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