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Compulsive Behavior

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Alan Anderson

Can You Overcome Compulsive Behavior?

People everywhere live with compulsive behaviors of one kind or another. These compulsions can range from eating to hoarding to shopping to washing.

Although not necessarily negative actions, they can take over your life and can be very difficult to overcome.

Compulsive behaviors are actions or rituals (sometimes small), that are done repeatedly and don’t actually lead to accomplishing a goal or gaining a reward.

Lack of Control

If you have compulsive behaviors, you probably feel like:

  • You have lost some control over your life…you do what you do because you feel you have to. You feel like your brain is programmed and you have no choice.
  • You don’t understand why you feel the need to continue repeating these unwanted behaviors.
  • You may feel ashamed or embarrassed.
  • You may begin to avoid social situations.
  • You perform these rituals with a desire to feel happy, good or relieved.

Often caused by an unresolved anxiety and low self esteem, these behaviors may make you feel good for a moment, but this moment is not lasting, and you’ll find yourself repeating the action again.

Hypnosis can be a great tool in overcoming unwanted behaviors.

NLP uses the language of the mind - Lynnwood HypnosisYour compulsions are triggered by your thoughts, thoughts you are probably not even aware of that are embedded in your subconscious mind.

When negative thoughts or memories are triggered by an external situation, it’s like you go on auto-pilot and your compulsive behaviors take over.

Because Hypnosis and NLP speak to your subconscious, you can learn what these hidden triggers are and begin to replace them with new, positive responses. In a way it’s like reprogramming your brain.

Can you imagine how great it will be when:

  • You no longer notice negative triggers
  • You are not as prone to worry
  • You find yourself much more relaxed and at peace

You can stop these unwanted negative responses and once again feel in control.

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