Helping Wedding Nerves with Hypnotherapy in Glasgow

How Hypnotherapy can help with Wedding Nerves

Article written by Linda Alexander (Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1995)

April 2013

The wedding industry in Glasgow has never been bigger and is on the increase due to changes in legislation that permits same sex marriages in Scotland.  Couples are travelling over the border to tie the knot.

Weddings are now also carried out by marriage celebrants as well as the traditional registry offices, priests and ministers.  The venue for a wedding can be just about anywhere now with some couples choosing not to go down the traditional church route but to book Highland castles, loch side hotels and outdoor scenic beauty spots.

The current average cost of a wedding or civil partnership today can cost over £20,000, and more pressure is being put on everyone involved.   If you were paying that much for your big day, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy it?

Such an important occasion brings many stressors.   There is so much to think about, all the planning and organisation, all the people involved, choosing the outfits, the menu, the entertainment etc etc etc.  There are so many professionals who have to be relied on to make the day.

All of this can make it very difficult for the bride and groom to relax and enjoy the event.

I have worked with couples who wanted, not only to glide effortlessly down the aisle, but to have a full memory of the day and not have to rely on the video to see what had happened.

Like any situation in which you are on show, be that a presentation at work, or with all eyes upon you as you walk down the aisle, hypnotherapy can help.

it is not always the bride or groom who needs the help.  It may be the best man who is struggling to imagine his witty and amusing speech going to plan.  Or it might be the mother of the bride who worries that she will end up a blubbering mess for the photos.  Maybe it is the father of the bride who worries that as he talks about his beautiful daughter he may not be able to keep the emotion from his voice.  Hypnotherapy can help with all of these situations.

Maybe it is the fact that some members of the family can’t or won’t be at the wedding that is causing anxiety of how this will impact on the day.

During a session you will be helped to identify how you want to feel on the day and given techniques to conjure up those fantastic feelings whenever you need them.  Together we will look at your fears for the day and help eradicate them.

Generally, we get the future we imagine – so if you are imagining that you are going to be so nervous and worried on the day, guess what …… that is what is likely to happen.  But we can work together and ensure that you see yourself at your best throughout the day, laughing and smiling in genuine enjoyment – imagine how fantastic that would be

Common Fears Associated with Weddings

Bride  (fears in no particular order)

Not looking your best

Nail biting


Being overweight

Choosing the wrong/uncomfortable dress/shoes

Choosing bridesmaids

Trying to please everyone

Looking nervous, blushing, perspiring

Saying your vows

Eating in public

Panic attacks/fainting

The first waltz

Drinking too much due to nerves

Forgetting to invite someone

Costs of wedding

Guests not liking the food/music/venue

Family or friends not getting on with each other

Band/caterers not turning up

Fear of flying limiting honeymoon choices

Fear of flying limiting hen do/stag do choices

Stress related disorders – migraines, skin disorders, IBS

Confidence – being the centre of attention

Having photos taken

Wedding night nerves.


Groom  (fears in no particular order)

All of the above plus:

After dinner speech/fear of public speaking

Choosing the best man

Trying to please your bride and everyone else

Best man’s speech

Friends behaving badly


Best Man (fears in no particular order)

All of the above plus:

Managing/overseeing the event on the day from start to finish

Making a good impression

Public speaking

Your speech/nerves/ memory/recall/ jokes

Looking/sounding nervous


Average cost of a wedding UK  Brides Magazine January 2013

Wedding venue: £2,157

Reception venue: £3,519

Catering: £3,520

Champagne/wine: £1,280

Cake: £305

Entertainment: £572

Photography/video: £1,102

Flowers: £547

Car hire: £265

Stationery: £293

Honeymoon: £3,178

Engagement ring £2,103

Wedding rings: £478

Dress: £1,346

Shoes: £102

Headdress/veil: £98

Special lingerie: £113

Beauty: £191

Groom’s outfit: £333

Attendants’ outfits: £342

Groom’s present £275

Attendants’ gifts: £146

Total: £22,265

Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to ask in relation to hypnotherapy and irritable bowel syndrome.

Make the experience so much more manageable and enjoyable with hypnotherapy.  Contact: Linda Alexander, Clinical Hypnotherapy CBT EFT NLP at or 07875 493 358 or 0141 632 1440 Glasgow (please leave a message if I can not answer the phone straight away, I will return your call).

Personal Investment – 3 sessions of hypnotherapy £120

Linda Alexander recommends the service of Amaranthus, local Scottish Wedding Specialist at   Contact: Marion McGunnigle.

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