Lose Weight Hypnotherapy Glasgow

Weight LossSome people know what they are doing that is causing them to be overweight.

Other people have no idea why they struggle with their weight.

With hypnotherapy, there is no need for you to have expertise on weight loss to successfully lose weight,  that’s my job.  All you need to do is be willing to change.

Knowing how to lose weight does not make it easy.  BUT with hypnosis it is made much easier.

It usually involves a change of habits.  That’s where hypnotherapy and the unconscious mind come into its own. The deeper (unconscious) part of the  mind will accept new suggestions for new eating habits without question.

All of our habits, good and bad, are stored in the unconscious part of the mind and so in order to change we have to tell the unconscious mind what to do.

With hypnosis we can tell the unconscious mind to eat a reduced calorie intake, eat a healthy diet and, and take suitable exercise.

The Virtual Gastric Band technique is also available for people needing significant weight loss.

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