Positive thinking and relaxation – Hypnotherapy Glasgow

relaxSo many of us suffer from stress as a result of modern day living.  Some stress is good for us and keeps us motivated but too much can have devastating effects and lead to physical and mental health problems.

Many people complain of having low confidence or self esteem as a consequence of their life experience.

Stress is an e….motion or ‘energy in motion’, feelings of low self-worth and lack of confidence are also e-motions. Feelings and emotions are usually temporary and transient but sometimes we develop a HABIT of thinking about and ruminating about our negative thoughts and feelings.

The unconscious mind acts as the filing system for all our learned behaviour and habits, good and bad.

Thankfully the unconscious mind will accept positive suggestions in the hypnotic trance state and can change  habits of negative, gloomy thinking into happy, positive feelings of relaxation and enthusiasm and motivation. These develop into new healthy emotions and become a part of your every day life.


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