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Quit SmokingThis is a ONE SESSION technique. It takes an hour and all that is required is that you DO WANT TO STOP.  No amount of hypnosis will make you unless you WANT TO STOP.

You need to be motivated to stop smoking. You do not need to be 100% motivated but should be at least 60% motivated.

This technique has been tried and tested for over 25 years and has an 85 – 90% success rate as long as YOU want it to work.

The treatment cost is £150.  When you consider that the average smoker on 20 a day spends £3640 a year on smoking you are saving £3490 a year as well as all the other potential health risks related to smoking, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and  emphysema, to name a few.

How does hypnosis stop smoking?

Smoking is an ‘acquired habit’ which means that your body has no natural requirement for it.  When you first start to smoke, you do it ‘consciously’ and usually override all those first feelings of revulsion and disgust at how unpleasant and bizarre a thing it is.  After some time it becomes a habit and is relegated to the unconscious part of the mind.   The unconscious is a bit like a filing system  or a hard-drive which accepts input without question.

Conversely, this ability of the unconscious mind to unquestioningly accept input (or a habit),  is precisely why hypnosis can be used to achieve the opposite effect to unquestioningly remove the habit (or input).

Hypnosis is a relaxation technique that accesses the unconscious (habit) part of the mind and tells it to STOP smoking.


Q. Will I put on weight?
A. No, the therapist will specifically instruct the unconscious mind that you will NOT be overeating as a consequence of Stopping Smoking.

Q. Will I have withdrawal symptoms and cravings?
A. No, your therapist will tell the unconscious mind that every part of your body is ready and happy to get rid of cigarettes and therefore there will not be any shock to the system.

Q. Will I be bad tempered?
A. No reason why you should be unless something else is bothering you.

Q. Do I need to avoid social situations?
A. No. Your therapist will include suggestions in the session that you can quite happily go out for a meal or to an occasion or to the pub as a non-smoker.

Q. I think smoking keeps my stress levels down.
A. In fact, it has been proved that smoking does not alleviate stress in any way. It puts your blood pressure up, increases your heart rate and interferes with digestion. The illusion that it helps stress is caused by ‘oral gratification’. That is the feeling of emotional comfort which is achieved by putting something into the mouth which is thought to mimic thumb sucking or feeding as an infant (not very flattering is it?

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