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Limiting Beliefs

Posted on Aug 06 2013
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Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

We all have beliefs – some helpful – some not so helpful.

I have a very helpful belief that when I step out of bed in the morning the floor is going to be solid.  It helps me get through the day successfully and easily, without having to test every single step out before I move forward.

Most of the clients I see for hypnotherapy or coaching have less helpful beliefs.  Often something like “I’m not good enough”, “there’s no point trying because I’ll fail”, “other people are better than me” – you might recognise these or some of your own limiting beliefs might come into your mind as you read them.

Over the years I have worked on, and let go of, many of my own limiting beliefs using Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques.  But I am in the middle of letting go of one more limiting belief using a mix of willpower and therapy techniques.

I am going to run 5km.Running towards your goals with Hypnotherapy in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire or Central London

This might seem like something very easy and simple to many of you.  To others it might seem like hard work.  To some, like me, it might sound impossible!  Because I have a limiting belief that I can’t run.

I know where this limiting belief started – I was the overweight child who hated sport and who was never any good at it when compared to others.  Although things might be different now, back then if you were no good at the standard sports that were offered at school nobody had the time or the inclination to help you find something you enjoyed.

Over the years I have kept myself fit by doing yoga, Pilates, dance, walking etc – but I can’t run.
Recently, I decided there is no physical reason why I can’t run. 

I am slim, fit, healthy – and when I go to the gym I see people who have more physical restrictions than me running away on the treadmill.  I have decided that the only reason I can’t run is because I have a limiting belief that says so.  When I try to run I can actually hear the little voice in my head telling me I can’t do it – that I might as well give up.

So I am going to run 5km – and I am in the middle of a 9 week plan to get there.

But why bother?

That’s a good question.  I’m not sure if after I’ve run it once that I will want to do it again.  I don’t think by doing it my fitness is going to massively improve.  It’s not going to be a big talking point with my friends and family.

But I do believe it is going to make me happier – because it is going to allow me to believe that anything is possible.  If I can run 5km after more than 40 years telling myself I can’t then there isn’t anything I can’t achieve.

So I am using every visualisation technique I know to help me, I am countering the little voice with positive statements, I am dredging up every ounce of will power to keep going – to allow me to believe 100% that I can do it!

So whatever your limiting belief is – you can change it into something more empowering. 

Contact: Linda Alexander on 0141 632 1440 and 07875 493 358, also linda.alexander@talktalk.net

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