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How to Lose Weight Using Self Hypnosis

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Have you ever wondered how people become hypnotised? Do you sometimes wonder if you have to be suggestive in order for it to happen? Everyone can become hypnotised, here’s how to use Hypnosis method to your advantage for weight loss!


  1. 1Get yourself nice and comfortable, and in a place where you aren’t likely to be disturbed. This can be anywhere that is quiet, your bed, a sofa, a comfortable arm chair, or even sitting in the sun in a quiet spot. Just make sure that your head and neck are supported.

  2. 2You may find it easier to relax if you play some gentle music while you self hypnotise, so find something instrumental, without words. You can find a range of this kind of relaxation music easily enough on line or places like Amazon or iTunes for just a little money.

  3. 3Close your eyes and take a couple of nice deep breaths and then slowly breathe out. As you breathe out, allow all of your muscles to begin to relax. You might want to start at the top of your head and work your way down or from your feet and work your way up, it doesn’t matter how you do this part, just as long as you’re comfortable.

  4. 4Slowly imagine each part of your body in turn, so if you’re starting at your head, imagine all of the tiny muscles that make up your scalp and imagine that they are releasing all of the tension or stress – slowly move down into your face, relaxing your forehead, eyes, lips and jaw, until they are all expressionless and relaxed. While you are relaxing, say comforting words to yourself such as; “You are becoming more and more relaxed with each breath that you take.” or “As I relax deeper and deeper, my whole body can release any tension.”

  5. 5Gradually work your way down your entire body, making your shoulders loose and relaxed, your back muscles can relax down deeper, through your hips, thighs, calves and out through your feet. All the while, telling yourself that everything is becoming calm and deeply relaxed.

  6. 6Once you are completely relaxed like this you should feel chilled out and perfectly still. Your mind should be focused on the hypnosis and you will be part way to taking yourself into self hypnosis by now.
  7. 7Now is time for what we call the “deepener” this is the part that takes you into hypnosis properly. So imagine in your mind that you are standing somewhere at the top of a flight of steps – they can be any style you like. They could be ornate, wooden, simple stone, spiral – whatever feels right for you. There are 10 steps and you are going to be making your way down the steps slowly – counting as you do and telling yourself to “go deeper”. Something like “10, step down on the first step….going deeper. 9, starting to feel more relaxed than ever before….deeper and deeper down. 8, deeper and deeper now, into wonderful relaxation.” and so on until you can see yourself at the bottom of the staircase and you step off at the number 1.

  8. 8By now you will be in hypnosis, you might feel floaty or heavy. You may see a bright light or maybe colours – perhaps, nothing at all. People often fear not being able to get this part right – but it really doesn’t matter what you feel or see at this point – you will be in hypnosis.

  9. 9Now picture a door in front of you, this is the door to your subconscious and it will allow you to talk directly to your subconscious so that you can start to make permanent changes in your life. Go and push the door open and enter the room inside and then see what’s there. It might be a room inside a house or somewhere you are familiar with. It could be a garden or outdoors by a lake, perhaps you’ll find yourself on a beach. Whatever the case, it’s exactly the right place for you. This is what we call the “safe place” the place where you can go to in your mind whenever you need to relax or change an old outdated habit or set of beliefs.

  10. 10Now you can begin to talk to your subconscious. But an important thing to remember; your subconscious takes everything in a black and white fashion. So you must ONLY say positive statements that are worded in a way your subconscious will hear well.

  11. 11So, for example – let’s say you want to lose weight, you might say “You are going to find as each hour passes that your resolve becomes stronger and stronger.” You would not say “you always eat sweets, so from now on you can cut those out.” In the second example, your subconscious will only hear “You always eat sweets!”
  12. 12So, lets look at some other positive statements about weight loss – you can make a list of your own. It’s best to keep to say three or four in one session, that way, you are not trying to overload your subconscious.

    • “I can eat healthy foods now, because they taste so much better”
    • “I feel more confident when I am on my healthy eating plan”
    • “I will no longer eat (insert your problem area foods here) because they simply don’t taste nice to me, instead I will eat healthy fresh foods because they taste wonderful and are good for me”
    • “I look at myself in the mirror and I am proud of my achievements”
    • “I am becoming so much happier as my weight easily reduces”
  13. 13See how positive each statement is? Your subconscious can hear the direct suggestions and will take them to be true.
  14. 14Try writing a list of suggestions of your own.
  15. 15So, you’ve told that subconscious what you want it to do, and now it’s time to end your session. This is achieved by counting back up from 5-1 something like the following:

  16. 16“5, starting to sense your surroundings. 4, feeling all of your limbs coming back to life now. 3, Beginning to move your hands and feet a little. 2, Almost all the way up now, and 1, Opening your eyes feeling fantastic!

  17. 17The more you practice the deeper you will fall into self-hypnosis. there is only one rule – never do it whilst driving, (which would be pretty awkward if you’ve got your eyes shut!!)

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