Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Glasgow

Virtual Gastric Band HypnotherapyThe Virtual Gastric Band Technique is the latest innovative treatment for weight problems and particularly for obesity.  Using the power of the mind, the hypnotherapist “persuades” the unconscious mind over 5  sessions, that the client has opted for gastric band surgery.  Usually this is done for people who have struggled with diets and been unable to shift the weight themselves or for some reason they are unable to exercise, or there may be a problem such as sugar and chocolate addiction or compulsive carbohydrate cravings such as bread and crisps.

A full consultation is obtained to assess suitability for the treatment.  When this has been assessed, the client is then prepared for the procedure over 5 sessions.   At the fourth session the procedure takes place (virtually, meaning not in real life, but in the imagination).  The therapist guides the client through what would actually happen were they having a safe, surgical procedure.  This session takes around an hour and a half.

There is no discomfort. The client will find that they feel fuller, faster and therefore unable to overeat.

The final session is to monitor progress and to make any required adjustment to the gastric band.  And that is it!

Further down the line as the client gets to their target weight and their eating habits have changed, they may come for other session or two which will be geared towards helping the client to maintain their goal weight.

This Gastric Band Hypnotherapy treatment is suited to people who are continually eating and find it difficult to stop.  It is suitable for people who are considerably overweight and have been unable to lose weight with other methods. It is not suitable for people with a few bad habits and just needing to shift a stone or two.

With hypnosis your body will believe you have a gastric band and you will feel full faster.  You will be unable to overfill your stomach since the size has been reduced by the gastric band. You will be satisfied with much smaller amounts. Full treatment £350 (5 sessions).    

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