Q. Can anyone be hypnotised?
A. Most people can be hypnotised. Exceptions are, people on some forms of medication and very young children

Q. Will I be asleep?
A. No. You will usually have your eyes closed but will remain awake throughout and have full awareness of the session.

Q. How many sessions will I need?
A. There are no two people the same, so it is impossible to say exactly. However, from years of research and experience, most hypnotherapists would say:

Stopping Smoking – One Session Technique.  Just over an hour.  Proven success rate approx 85 – 90%.    Price:  Only £150!

Anything Else –  Three sessions minimum are required to give both you and the therapist a reasonable time to make a noticeable difference.  Bear in mind that the first session involves the consultation and information gathering, so the actual therapy involved in 3 sessions amounts to about 2½ hours which is a remarkably quick method of eliminating problems.  Some clients will need or prefer more sessions for as long as they continue to feel the benefit of the sessions. Price: £70 per session.

Depending on the problem you may be asked to come back in a week or 2 to 3 weeks or 3 to 4 weeks but that is YOUR decision depending on your time commitments and your finances.

Problems like phobias, public speaking, exam nerves, small weight loss (1 stone or less) are considered minor and should be quickly resolved within about 3 to 5  sessions.  Other issues will usually take longer.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy takes 5 specifically structured sessions.

Q. Will I be made to do anything I don’t want to do?
A. No, you may be thinking about stage hypnosis which bears no relation to hypnotherapy at all. Stage hypnotists get members of their audience to do silly things for entertainment. Usually the
volunteers are up for a laugh or have had a few drinks.

Q. Is there any danger in being hypnotised?
A. No, there is nothing dangerous about hypnosis. Remember it is a relaxation technique. It is a very safe way of using your own natural inner resources to bring about positive changes.

Q. What if I get stuck in trance?
A. You can’t get “stuck” in hypnosis. Your reactions remain perfectly normal throughout the session. You can open your eyes and return to full conscious awareness any time you please but usually clients feel content enough to wait till the end.

Q. Can you get me to tell you things I don’t want anyone to know?
A. No, if you have anything you do not wish to divulge, it is just the same as in normal every day circumstances. You are in control at all times.