Stress and Anxiety – how hypnotherapy can help – Hypnotherapy Glasgow

I have been practising hypnotherapy in Glasgow for nearly 20 years now and I have noticed that we never seem to run out of clients with stress.  I doubt that it is peculiar to Glasgow.  It seems to be a sign of the times, but living in a busy city like Glasgow with all the pressure and stress of big business and city life makes it more likely to affect a busy population like Glasgow rather than in the quiet countryside.  Hypnosis has become ever more popular for help with stress in Glasgow due to “word of mouth”.  My clients in Glasgow who have been helped by hypnotherapy will tell their friends, family and colleagues about how hypnotherapy has helped them.  We all like to get a recommendation.  There is nothing better than a friend sharing their good experience with their own hypnotherapist in Glasgow to save you trawling through all the hypnotherpists in the Glasgow yellow pages wondering which hypnotherapist to go to.

Without doubt, hypnosis is one of the quickest ways of helping you bring stress down to a manageable level.  If you live in Glasgow and would like to see a local hypnotherapist with many years experience in helping people using hypnotherapy for stress then please get in touch.  You can expect to have around 3 sessions of hypnotherapy for stress.  You will experience a difference even in the first session of hypnotherapy, which lasts around 1 hour.  You should ideally have your second session of hypnotherapy within a maximum of  2 – 3 weeks after your first hypnotherapy session.  You will also be given a self-hypnosis CD (professionally recorded in a Glasgow recording studio) after your first hypnosis session.  After session 3 of your hypnotherapy we will do an evaluation of your symptoms and make a joint decision on how many more sessions of hypnotherapy (if any) we think it will take for full remission of symptoms.  You will also be taught self-hypnosis during session 2 or 3.  Hypnosis is not usually a long drawn out process and works often very quickly but it is fair to say that that depends on the individual hypnotherapy client and their own particular circumstances.

Some clients like to continue with regular hypnotherapy sessions if they have a particularly stressful life and they are unable to change their current circumstances and like the support of hypnotherapy to help them deal with on-going stress.  Some hypnotherapy clients go off into the wild blue yonder with their self-hypnosis CD and their ability to practice self-hypnosis.  We sometimes meet again if they decide to come back for hypnosis for something completely unrelated to stress and anxiety or their name comes up when they have recommended me to a friend or family.  Some clients like to have a top-up of hypnotherapy as they like the benefits and the feeling that it gives them.  They might choose to come once a month for a session of hypnotherapy or just an occasional couple of times a year for their hypnotherapy top-up.  Some clients are based in Glasgow but some travel from outlying districts because they have no local hypnotherapist and they are prepared to travel into Glasgow because they know how helpful and successful hypnotherapy is.

You can phone Glasgow 0141 632 1440 or 07875 493358, or get in touch using the ‘contact us‘ page.


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