Evidence from Hypnosis used to help Texas Rangers


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In times of trauma, hypnosis helps artists sketch intricate evidence.

 After a crime, even the most basic details can be crucial for forensic artists trying to recreate a clear picture of a suspect. Since the victim is often under extreme trauma, some unique methods are used to make sure no stone is left unturned.

 Captain Frank Malinak with the Texas Rangers admits the process of hypnosisdoesn’t work in every situation, but in some cases it can be effective.


   “I would like to take the magic away from hypnosis,” Malinak said. “When we interview a witness of a crime, a witness to a crime or a crime victim using hypnosis, all we are doing is bringing relaxation into the process.”

Forensic hypnosis emerged as a tool for law enforcement 30 years ago.

 In the small town of Chowchilla, California, a school bus full of students was hijacked. The bus driver and kids managed to escape and led authorities to their kidnappers.

 “Forensic hypnosis was used in that particular case on the driver of the school bus to recall the license plate of a kidnapper’s vehicle,” Malinak said.

According to Malinak, the Chowchilla case led law enforcement agencies across the nation to consider the benefits of hypnosis. Eventually, the Texas Rangers started their own hypnosis program.

 Forensic artist Jorge Molina often interviews victims hours after the crime.

“If you asked somebody off the street if they could describe somebody and produce a composite drawing,

 they might say that they are not capable of doing it,” he said.

Through specialized training and tactics, the artists can help a person dig deep into their mind.

On its own, resemblance to a sketch cannot lead to a conviction. Oftentimes, the artist must testify about their work in court.

The work of the Texas Rangers Forensic artists can only make a difference if it is seen by the public.


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