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Flying & Freedom from Fear
By Paul Gustafson RN, BSN, CH 

What would you say if it was possible to comfortably shift your approach and response to what scares you most? In short order you could easily transition from white knuckle stress to pleasant memories of your carefree childhood anytime you chose. You have remarkable abilities to profoundly change how you view the world and to control the effect it has on you.

It’s okay to fly, I know I can fly.” No matter how many times you repeat these words you still can’t imagine yourself ever getting on another airplane again. You know all the statistics. You know flying is 29 times safer than driving. Since the tragic events of September 11th airport security is better now than anytime in our history. “It’s okay to fly, I know I can fly.” Nothing changes you still can’t do it.

The subconscious mind is like a greenhouse. It gets a delivery from the conscious mind and its job is to store, nurture and grow. In a greenhouse you can easily grow beautiful roses or poison ivy with the same level of success. If the conscious mind delivers some bad information it is still received with open arms. Messages like: “Smoking is cool and sexy,” or “Burgers and fries are good for my body,” or “ If I fly again I will surely perish.”

People routinely try to consciously make changes in their lives with issues like smoking, weight loss, public speaking and athletic performance. Results are inconsistent at best. It‘s like weeding your garden by clipping the weeds off at ground level. It looks good for a while but they always grow back.

Hypnotherapy is a good way to get to the root of the pattern, pull it out and replace it with healthy positive solutions. With hypnotherapy you relax your body and conscious mind while opening to the subconscious. Once there is access subconscious you can ‘rearrange the furniture and put your house back in order’.

A hypnotherapist creates this deep relaxation, provides specific suggestions and affirmations which support your rational thought, create a way for you to relieve stressat anytime and maybe even take you on an imaginary flight which has you composed, comfortable and in control.

Once this blueprint for your flying success has been laid out the rest is up to you. Yourfear of flying became a pattern because of repeated acceptance of this suggestion. If habits are born out of repetition so are solutions.  A hypnotherapist may make an audiotape of your session and teach you the importance of reinforcing these new values. Many people report instant relief with hypnosis but by reinforcing the positive message daily for about a month you position yourself for long term success.

Hypnosis is not new; the AMA accepted it in 1958. It’s used in hospitals, clinics, in professional sports and fortune 500 corporations. It has no side effects, it feels good, there are no prescriptions, no interactions and once you know how to do it, it’s free.

 There is helpful relief to your fears and concerns. You have the ability to create order and peace in your life. You can take back control and keep it!

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