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Article on Paul McKenna and Gastric Band Hypnosis in The Sun

by Jenny Francis 9th January 2013



We lost 13½ stone with ‘gastric band’ hypnosis

Six readers follow Paul McKenna’s diet tips
— and reveal their amazing results


Weight off our minds … Paul McKenna, centre, with readers who have shed pounds with his book



THIS week Paul McKenna has been sharing his latest weight loss techniques with Sun readers.

His new book Hypnotic Gastric Band helps you visualise “mental surgery” to shrink your stomach.


Advice … Paul McKenna’s new book

Paul claims the technique requires no willpower or calorie counting – just remembering his instructions will see you shed the pounds.

And to prove his hypnotic gastric band works Paul, third from the right above, offered six lucky Sun readers the chance to try it out.

All overweight and struggling to find a diet that worked, they underwent gastric band hypnosis and have reaped the rewards. Their weight-loss programme began last summer and started with a read of Paul’s gastric band instruction booklet.

Then they listened to his audio hypnosis CD every day for five days to fit their virtual gastric band, before moving on to a system of motivation hypnosis CDs to help them change the way they think about food.

And with motivational phone calls from Paul to check on their progress, between them they’ve lost 13½ stone in just six months.

Here, JENNY FRANCIS meets the lucky six and finds out how Paul’s hypnotic gastric band did the trick.

Louise Ward

SERIAL dieter Louise, 39, had failed to stick to any of them. The unemployed single mum, to son Jack, 15, from Berkhamsted, Herts, was also deemed too fat by docs to have a gastric band op. So she turned to Paul as her last hope.


WEIGHT NOW: 15st 7lb.

‘I lost a stone in the first month’ … Louise Ward

Louise says: “I’ve always struggled with my weight. I’d wanted a gastric band for years, but my doctor warned me I needed to lose weight, but I’d never found a diet that worked.

So when I heard about the opportunity with Paul I jumped at the chance.

Initially, I didn’t feel any different but when I started to lose weight I realised it must be doing the trick and I lost a stone in the first month.

I forgot to take the CD with me when I went on holiday and put weight back on.

When I restarted I even had a strange bellyache as if my mind thought I’d had the operation.

It’s not a drastic diet and I don’t have to think about it.

I still allow myself chocolate but I only have a few squares.

This is a much healthier way to lose weight and I’ll keep using the CDs to see how much more I can lose.”

Lost 2st 7Ib

Lauren Thompson

TAKEAWAY fan Lauren, 31, from Accrington, Lancs – a full-time mum to Brandon, ten, and Faith, nine – used to enjoy lots of snacks plus fast-food dinners with her courier-driver husband John, 36.

START WEIGHT: 17st 10lb.


‘I’ve stopped craving fatty meals’ … Lauren Thompson

Lauren says: “I really didn’t know if this would be for me but when I realised how easy it is to fit into your day it completely changed my mind.

My husband put the CDs on to my iPod for me so I could listen to them in bed and while I eat. Since the start, I’ve noticed a change in how hungry I feel.

I used to get really peckish between meals and snack on crisps and chocolate and drink lots of sugary, fizzy drinks – but I just don’t get those same urges any more.

My portions have got a lot smaller and I’ve stopped craving fatty meals.

We have a pizza takeaway opposite that we used to use for a quick dinner but I’m not as attracted to them any more.

Losing nearly 3st is a huge achievement – I hope I can carry on.

When I met my husband I was a size 10 so I’d love to get back to that.

I’ve got a way to go – the difference is now I feel that it is achievable.”

Lost 2st 10Ib

Lyndsay and Simon Metcalfe

LYNDSAY, 32, a dental nurse, and husband Simon, 40, a salesman, from Goldaming, Surrey, wanted to lose weight together. The couple – parents to James, 15, Luke ten, and Elin, five – hoped a make-believe gastric band would work.

PREVIOUS WEIGHT: Lyndsay 16st; Simon 16st 10lb.

WEIGHT NOW: Lyndsay 14st 7lb; Simon 15st.

‘Instantly felt different’ … Lyndsay and Simon Metcalfe

Lyndsay says: “When we first listened to the CD I instantly felt different. For the entire first week, we both felt like we couldn’t eat – we’d have a few mouthfuls of dinner before feeling full. It was very strange as we were both used to eating so much and we lost nearly a stone in the first month.

After this, it started to plateau out slightly. We still listened to the CD every night but I managed bigger portions again – the difference was I knew when to stop.

I’ve lost a stone and a half which is a big deal for me. I noticed a huge difference in my motivation too. I used to walk the dog for half an hour and be tired – now I do two-hour walks and I have energy afterwards.”

Simon says: “I can’t believe how little I eat now compared with what I used to.

At work I sit down all day and do long hours so don’t have time to exercise. This technique has really helped.

I wouldn’t have had real gastric surgery but this is a much better option.

Lots of friends and family have noticed I’ve lost weight.

It’s a real boost as it is easy to forget just how much weight you’ve shed.”

Lost 3st 3Ib

Laura Blackburn

UNMOTIVATED Laura, 42, noticed her weight was increasing as her metabolism slowed down in her late 30s. Unemployed Laura from Bermondsey, south-east London, had tried slimming pills and fad diets but nothing seemed to work.

‘I’m eating a lot less’ … Laura Blackburn

START WEIGHT: 15st 4lb.

WEIGHT NOW: 13st 3lb.

Laura says: “I’ve always found it hard to motivate myself – especially with diets.

I’ve been struggling with my weight for about ten years, but I just hadn’t found the inspiration.

I listen to the CDs in my car and find them very relaxing and afterwards I don’t feel as drawn to food as usual. I haven’t changed what I eat – but I am eating a lot less.

Sometimes I’ll feel full after a few mouthfuls and other times I’ll eat a whole meal.

It’s all in the mind and it’s changing my way of thinking about how much I eat.

I really surprised myself over Christmas as I didn’t feel the urge to gorge.

Friends have noticed a difference and commented on my weight loss and that’s really motivated me.

I also can’t wait to go shopping and buy a new wardrobe full of clothes that fit my slimmer frame.”

Lost 2st 11Ib

Julie Howe

THE hypnotic gastric band has changed 39-year-old Julie from a food obsessive to a happy eater. Julie lives in Maidstone, Kent, with husband Phil, 43, a planning co-ordinator, and kids Robert, 12, Annabelle 11 and Ellen, three.

START WEIGHT: 17st 7lb.

WEIGHT NOW: 14st 7lb.

‘It won’t be long until I reach my goal weight’ … Julie Howe

Julie says: “It’s worked for me because it requires minimum effort and I haven’t had to take time out of my day to do it.

I listen to the CD on my iPod before bed and after the first night I noticed an instant difference.

I woke up and wasn’t as hungry as usual and I’d get a third of the way through my meals and feel full. I always cleared my plate so it took some getting used to, but I’ve learnt to cook and serve smaller portions and now it comes naturally.

The whole experience has been liberating. I was always obsessed with food, when I was going to have my next snack and what it would be.

I’m still me but this hypnotic gastric band has allowed me to take control of my life again.

I’m still 4st heavier than I want to be but if I continue listening to the CD it won’t be long until I reach my goal weight.”

Lost 3st

Star’s golden rules

IN the third part of his extraordinary new book, Paul McKenna reveals his four golden rules of losing weight.

Paul says: “Even though you may have instant success with the hypnotic gastric band, it’s important you use the four golden rules that are the foundation of my system.”

GOLDEN RULE 1: When you are hungry, EAT!

Some people think this is crazy. They say, “That’s the problem, I can’t stop eating – now he’s suggesting I eat.”

Only when you are truly physically hungry, eat. If you starve yourself, your body goes into “survival mode” and you slow your metabolism.

Make the distinction between real physical hunger and emotional hunger. Real hunger comes on gradually – it is not triggered by an emotional pang when you feel upset.

GOLDEN RULE 2: Eat what you want, not what you think you should.

As soon as you make a food forbidden, it becomes all you can think about.

That’s why with your gastric band and with my system there are no forbidden foods.

All diets involve depriving the body so its response is to crave emergency foods to make up the deficit.

Healthy people eat what their body really wants.

GOLDEN RULE 3: Whenever you eat, do it CONSCIOUSLY.

This is possibly the most powerful advice.

1. Pay attention to what you are eating and nothing else.

2. Slow your eating to about a quarter of your previous speed and chew each mouthful 20 times.

GOLDEN RULE 4: When you THINK you are full, STOP eating!

Fast eating floods the brain with the happy chemicals and drowns out the signals of a full stomach.

When you have got rid of distractions such as TV, you hear that signal more clearly.

Adapted by Ben Jackson from Hypnotic Gastric Band, by Paul McKenna (Bantam, £12.99).

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