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  1. Hypnotherapist Fits Mirror Journalist With ‘virtual Gastric Band’

Hypnotherapist Fits Mirror Journalist With ‘virtual Gastric Band’

Gastric band surgery is an invasive operation where a plastic tube is inserted around the upper stomach. Whilst it shrinks the stomach and therefore reduces appetite and leads to weight loss, for many people the prospect of having something surgically fitted is an unwelcome one – and with operations costing around £7,000 privately, an expensive one.

Luckily, this modern surgical technique has inspired an innovative form of clinical hypnotherapy– the ‘virtual gastric band’. For many people, a trip to the hypnotherapists doesn’t inspire the dread that a trip to surgery does and it also has the benefit of being much cheaper. One of the people who have tried this form of hypnotherapy and seen success is Ellen Arnison, a writer for the Daily Mirror.

43 years old and with three children, Ellen says that “proper surgery sounded way too drastic” but that she felt “it was time for action” on her weight. Unenthusiastic over the prospect of a diet and too tired from work and family to exercise, she decided to visit a hypnotherapist in Glasgow, Lyn Lyons.

At the hypnotherapist’s clinic, Arnison says she underwent five sessions of hypnotherapy, building from a discussion of her attitude to her body and weight before progressing to two sessions of preparation for the ‘operation’. The fourth session is the ‘gastric band operation’ and the final session simulates the removal of the ‘stitches’ and the final adjustment of the band.

“As the day grew near, more than once, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t actually having a gastric band operation,” says Arnison.

Since the surgery, Arnison says that “it’s been three weeks and I ‘feel’ thinner. My scales tell me I’ve lost seven pounds…almost every meal I’ve had, I’ve not finished and I have certainly not fancied sweets or cake.”

“The big test was my favourite Saturday night takeaway. I wasn’t even halfway through the first plateful of chicken balti before I had to declare myself stuffed,” she says. “So far – so good.”

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