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HypnoBirthing® helps ease labor pain

April 10, 2004

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By Rachael Mason, Staff Writer

The day Sarah Silva’s second son was born, she hadn’t realized her labor started. “On that day, I did notice I had some cramping, but I didn’t think much of it,” Silva said.

Silva’s husband talked her into calling the doctor, who told them to come to the hospital. She was dilated to eight centimeters when she arrived at the hospital. An hour later, she was holding her new son, Daniel.

While she was pregnant, Silva took hypnotherapy classes to help ease her fears about labor. She had experienced a lot of pain when her first son, Jack, was born almost four years ago. “My last birth was very painful until the epidural,” Silva said.

Silva, who lives in Flowery Branch, had heard hypnotherapy could help reduce labor pains. During a visit to her doctor’s office, Preferred Women’s Healthcare in Lawrenceville, she found out about local hypnotherapist Angela Bossie.

Bossie, a clinical hypnotherapist, specializes in HypnoBirthing®: The Mongan Method, which teaches women to use self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques to avoid discomfort during labor. “HypnoBirthing® allows women to prepare themselves emotionally for the birth, as well as physically,” Bossie said.

Silva decided to enroll in private sessions and spent about 12 hours taking HypnoBirthing® classes. Bossie helped Silva begin relaxing right away. “Immediately when I met her I was comfortable with her. She was so warm and gentle. I felt totally comfortable sharing all my fears with her,” Silva said.

Though hypnotists often are portrayed as making people do tricks in front of an audience, the actual experience is nothing like that. “Nobody’s going to walk like a duck or cluck like a chicken,” Bossie said. “It’s not mind control.”

For Silva, each HypnoBirthing® session began as she talked with Bossie about the kind of labor and birth experience she wanted. Then she would lie down as Bossie led visualization exercises and repeated the things they had just talked about. “She would very gently talk me through the kind of labor I wanted,” Silva said.

At the end of the sessions, Silva would watch a video depicting HypnoBirthing® or another natural childbirth experience. To practice self-hypnosis at home, she listened to tapes about keeping calm by imagining different colors.

The hypnotherapy worked for Silva. “My goal was to be calm and to have no pain. I reached my goal,” she said.

Though Bossie has only worked with a few clients so far, HypnoBirthing® is becoming more common in delivery rooms across the country. More than 1,700 practitioners have been trained worldwide.

HypnoBirthing® was founded by Marie Mongan in 1989. This year, articles on the technique have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and Time magazines.

“It’s about getting the birth experience that you want and feeling confident, powerful and relaxed in the process,” Bossie said.

Copy has been edited to reflect the Registered Trademark status for HypnoBirthing®

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