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Carrie Findlay of Dreghorn, Ayrshire has lost 7 stones after being hypnotised into thinking she had been fitted with a gastric band.  A year ago she weighed 21 st.  After her sessions of hypnotherapy she is down to 14st.

Army wife Carrie said she felt transformed after the first session.  She said “from the moment I got home, I was eating off a side plate and have done ever since.  I have tried every diet but hypnosis really worked for me”.  In 2011 Carrie was given gift vouchers for Virtual Gastric Band therapy at a hypnotherapy practice.

Carrie said “My mum asked me what I wanted as a gift and I said nothing, not until I have lost some weight. On Christmas day she gave me the voucher”.

Carrie explained that she is an “emotional eater”.  Her husband is in the army and currently in Afghanistan. She would often comfort eat when on her own.  Carrie says the vouchers were the best present she ever had.

The therapist takes a case history and this helps to identify any poor eating habits such as emotional eating, eating between meals, snacking on junk foods, eating too many carbs,  too large portions, chocolate or sugar addiction and calorie laden fizzy drinks.  Hypnosis is used to break these habits.  Clients are given hypnotic suggestions to eat healthily, to reject junk foods, to eat smaller portions, to forget about eating in between meals and to take more exercise.  The client is given the suggestion that they have had a gastric band fitted and they feel full after less food than they would have eaten before.  The therapy involves five sessions and a CD to reinforce the suggestions, costing only £350 whereas the cost of surgery is around £9000.  The success rate of hypnotherapy is approximately 85-90%.

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