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When most people think of addictions they think of drugs and alcohol.  Fewer people are aware that people can be, and are, addicted to everyday products such as sugar and caffeine.  It is estimated that as many people worldwide are addicted to caffeine as are addicted to nicotine.  30% of regular caffeine users are addicted compared to 15% of regular alcohol users.  It is generally accepted that alcohol addiction is much more dangerous than caffeine addiction but one man from Glasgow nearly died due to his sugar addiction.  The following extract is taken from Glasgow’s Sunday Mail.

Extracts from Sunday Mail  article Nov 25th 2012 – reporter Heather Greenaway, with additional comments from Linda Alexander

This article tells the story of Glasgow man, Andrew McSherry  who almost died of heart disease as a consequence of being addicted to Irn Bru the popular soft drink made famous by the Barr family in Glasgow since 19…..Andrew, dad of three drank 8 litres a day for 20 years.  As a result he needed a quadruple by pass.  He would experience withdrawal symptoms and have to get up during the night to drink another 2 litre bottle.

The article mainly attributes Andrew’s addiction to Irn Bru to the sugar content.  Excess sugar turn into fat in the body and is known to cause fatty deposits in the heart and other body organs.   High sugar consumption increases unhealthy cholesterol in the blood.

What the article does not address is the high caffeine content in Irn Bru.  Both sugar and caffeine are addictive.  Both substances can cause withdrawal symptoms and cravings for more.

Historically caffeine was first used in Coca Cola when the manufacturers were banned from using cocaine.   Cocaine was a legal ingredient in Cocal Cola from…..till it was banned by the US government in ………..

Obviously the manufacturers were not going to shut up shop.  What they did was find another addictive substitute for cocaine and that was caffeine.

The makers of Irn Bru adopted caffeine into the production of Irn Bru around 19……… and …………

Andrew, from Cumbernauld near Glasgow was helped by his GP who questioned him about his drinking habits and pointed out to Andrew that his Irn Bru habit was literally killing him.  He had no idea he was consuming the equivalent of 150 teaspoons of sugar A DAY.   Andrew’s story featured in the BBC1 Scotland series Addicted to Pleasure hosted by actor Brian Cox November 2012.

A spokeswoman for Irn-Bru makers AG Barr said: “Irn-Bru can be enjoyed in regular and sugar-free variants as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. We would never advocate over-consumption of any one product”.

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