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My work is all about ME now, says Alison

10:39pm Wednesday 14th May 2008 in News

Job change – Alison Rose is now working for herself as a Lightning Process practitioner

A WOMAN who was cured of ME thanks to a unique therapy programme is devoting her professional life to helping others overcome the condition.

When Alison Rose became ill with an ear infection and virus, in September 2006, little did she know that an initial six weeks off work would turn into a staggering 16 months of prolonged illness.

At the time Alison, 52, of Lampern Crescent, Billericay, was working full time as a training manager for a utilities company, which meant she had to drive hundreds of miles across the UK every week.

But when she became struck down with the virus, her life changed forever.

After numerous GP appointments, Alison was eventually diagnosed with ME – Myalgic Encephalopathy, a controversial neurological disorder also known as Chronic Fatigue Sydrome.

Like the 250,000 sufferers of the debilitating illness in the UK, Alison believed there was no cure for the illness.

However, Alison then talked to friends who suggested she try the Lightning Process, a unique brand of therapy support which uses posture, hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques to cure and heal the body.

From there Alison didn’t look back.

After her first day on the programme early in December 2007, she was able to walk for an hour and 20 minutes, get the train home and make herself a meal – all of which had been unthinkable in the previous six months.

Looking back at life before starting the programme, Alison said: “It was a terrible time when I was first diagnosed. I couldn’t even go shopping, I just didn’t have the strength to leave the house,” said Alison, who is single.

“I struggled to concentrate and still felt too ill to travel and run the training programs, which were crucial to my job.”

Alison was told to reduce her workload to just three days a week, and avoid stress.

“I was unable to concentrate for long and therefore could only drive for short distances and had to keep conversations to a minimum,” she added.

“After six months, there was very little improvement and it was difficult not to worry about the future and whether I would ever be well enough to do my job and live a normal life again.”

After treatment, Alison said she was incredibly upbeat.

She remembered: “For the first time in so long I felt well – I was absolutely thrilled.

“From that moment, I never had to do another relaxation session, my concentration and stamina started to return and my friends and family were delighted the old me was back.”

Alison went on to train to become a Lightning Process Practitioner and after qualifying in early 2008, she has brought the innovative training program to south Essex.

She added: “I wanted to have my own practice so that I could help others to learn the same tools and techniques that had helped me so effectively and so rapidly.

“I opened my Lightning Process business in March and it’s really starting to take off. I work from my home at the moment but I’m hoping to expand soon.”

Alison is now completely cured of ME: “I’m like a different person since completing this programme – it really does work and I’m living proof of that.

“It literally saved me from a lifetime in a wheelchair and of not having the energy to go outside for a walk or even pop to the shops.”

The Process is so called because it is so quick it is said to put a stop to ME symptoms within a week.

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