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by Colin Hill Dyp Hyp psyth NLP DAS

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The benefits of past life regression, whatever the personal spiritual or religious beliefs of any individual,no one can deny that knowing and understanding more about oneself can only be beneficial.
past life regression is another tool we can use to help in gleaning this extra knowledge. The fact that this knowledge comes from within ourselves – as opposed to being told to us by another person – can only add to this credibility and validity.

This is all down to our genes, from the very first minute of your existence, the instinct for survival has started, and this survival instinct has been past down to you as an infant through the genes of your parent. At some point in your life, you may have been somewhere and said to yourself “I have been here before” knowing in this life you have not been to this place ever before.

Now if we look at this with a view to past life regression, there is a “LINK” and this link to our @past life’ has been past on to the child through the genes, and the parents genes were past on to them, and so on.

So it is feasable to say that the memories in those genes, have been past on to the child. This does go along way in explaining why in a past life regression the client may be, experiencing being a member of the opposit sex.

Statistics say we only use a very small part of our brain. So it is feasible again, to assume that the mind is storing all the past life memories. However, our dreams may be our minds way of sifting through the pages of memories, just like a computer sorts information. our dreams may be information from past experience, trying to link with a present experience.

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