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  2. Stacy Solomon Considering Hypnotherapy To Help Her Quit Smoking

Stacy Solomon Considering Hypnotherapy To Help Her Quit Smoking

Stacy Solomon is considering hypnotherapy in order to help her give up smoking.

The X Factor star shocked the world when she was recently photographed puffing on cigarettes, despite being seven months pregnant with her second child.

The Daily Mirror reports that she was stripped of her ‘Celebrity Mum of The Year’ title by sponsors Foxy Bingo shortly after the photos were published.  

However, in an interview with The Sun, the former ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ winner claimed that the photos have made her keener than ever to kick the habit.

She said: “Seeing the pictures put it into perspective about how awful it looks and was the spur to seek the help I need. I’ve looked into options including electronic cigarettes and hypnotherapy – but I haven’t tried them yet.”

Hypnotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular method of giving up smoking and Solomon’s willingness to give it a go might spur other pregnant women to do the same thing. 

If she goes ahead with the treatment, a qualified hypnotherapist will attempt to change the way she feels about cigarettes by sending a series of verbal messages into her brain.

“I am up for trying anything that will help me. Having this thrown into the public arena has without a doubt shocked me into doing something about it,” she said.

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