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I QUIT MY 50-A-DAY HABIT AFTER JUST ONE SESSION Hypnosis Glasgow smoking cessation Glasgow Stop Smoking Glasgow
Article by Ruth Walsh

Published in the Daily Mirror, 28th November 2002.

Ruth Walsh, 32, a TV and commercials producer from East London, tried hypnotherapy to kick her 50-a-day cigarette habit. Two years later, she’s still not smoking.

I started smoking 10 years ago. I enjoyed it but my health was really suffering. Every time I got a cold it led to a chest infection and I had a permanent hacking cough. My clothes smelled and the habit was costing me about £80 a week.

Hypnotherapy wasn’t something I’d even thought about, but a friend recommended therapist Deborah Marshall-Warren to me and I thought it might help.

I was very nervous about it. I was under hypnosis for 45 minutes and was conscious and relaxed throughout. It’s very hard to describe, but during the hypnosis Deborah summoned up the part of my subconscious that was the smoker in me.

She asked me to visualise this and I thought of it as a little devil. It felt a bit strange at first but after a while I opened up.

I then had to visualise getting rid of the little devil. I think I imagined tying up the little devil in a corner. The feeling was that Deborah summoned the smoker in me and stopped this part of my character from functioning.

That night I had five cigarettes, a lot less than normal, and I didn’t enjoy them. That’s when I realised something had clicked.

I still had the urge to smoke and the physical craving for cigarettes didn’t go away, but I didn’t want to reach for the packet. I haven’t had a smoke since.

My health has improved and I’m much fitter. My skin is better, hair glossier and I haven’t had a chest infection since.

Smoking-cessation hypnotherapy with Deborah Marshall-Warren costs £295 and includes a back-up session within six months.

Contact Linda Alexander in Glasgow on 0141 632 1440 and 07875 493 358, also linda, Charge at Dec 2014 is £89 including CD.

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