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Thoughts and Stress

By Jaime V. Pitner, MICP, RHC

Thoughts can be the most troublesome of all stressors in life. They’re also the ones that we create for ourselves. Your quality of life is much dependant on the quality of your thoughts. Life is not so much dependent on how much money you make, or even how much leisure time you have, but on how much you enjoy and appreciate where you are right now.

There is a Zen saying; “ it is fortunate that we have bodies, because they keep us anchored in the here and now”. Your thoughts on the other hand, like to transport you to the unreal realms of the past and the future. There you often find past regrets and failings, and the anxiety and worry of future events. The stress created by these thoughts takes your body along for the ride. Your mind writes checks that your body must cash.

You can remain in the present by focusing on your body, your physical senses, breathing, muscle relaxation, and awareness of the reality of where you are at this moment. This is how you develop presence of mind. It is here in the present that you have all the power, control, and serenity to direct your life and thoughts. You know what those contest rules often say; “you must be present to win”.

Thoughts linked with negative emotions bring about stress, and your body reacts with the “fight or flight” stress response and discomfort. These strong emotions make your memories more vivid, and your worries more intense. Void of judgement, your unconscious mind actively supplies you with the kind of thoughts that it thinks you want. By association your thoughts become magnetic, attracting more of the same.

Change the in-put, and change the out-put. You have the ability to select your thoughts as you desire, rather than have them chosen for you by the indiscriminate associations of your unconscious. It is important to always be aware of what messages you’re sending, what words you use, in your current dominant thinking. Choose wisely. Always base your choice on what you feel in your body – does it give you comfort or discomfort. 

You must tell your unconscious mind what you want; Comfort, and it will do its work behind the scenes. Your choice is not based only on internal intellectual discussion, but by listening to the communication that your body sends to you. It always speaks the truth.

Certified in Holistic Living, from Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, Board Certifiedin Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Anesthesia, a Shiatsu Practioner, and Martial Arts Instructor. Associate Director of a Mobile Intensive Care Unit Program providing Advanced Life Support Services to the largest regional health network in New Jersey. A practicing MICU Paramedic for nearly 20 years, President of the NJ Association of MICU’s for two terms, and the first elected Chairperson of the New Jersey State Emergency Medical Services Council. A nationally accomplished speaker and published author of EMS and Stress Management topics , Mr. Pitner also provides instruction on Wellness, and Workplace Violence & the Management of Assaultive Behavior, Tai Chi, and Self Defense.

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