Smoker 20 a day for 23 years
I’m amazed that I have not smoked after just one session of hypnosis. It has been three months now. I wanted to stop, but didn’t think it would work for ME. I had tried and tried so many times by myself but never got beyond a few days. People have noticed how well I look. I’ve already passed your number to two of my friends. Thanks again,
Claire, Physiotherapist, Paisley Scotland UK

Weight Loss – 70 lbs – 10 months
I’m really, really feeling great. After years of yo-yo dieting I am at my ideal weight. I wanted to lose it all overnight but I understood what you said about taking it easily and gradually and giving my body and skin time to adjust safely to the weight loss. I have enjoyed seeing the shape of my arms coming back as the flab was disappearing. I don’t have a fat belly now, I actually feel muscle there. Great. My eating habits have changed now and I know I will never go back to the old bad habits. I have so much more confidence too.
Haley, Social Worker, Manchester, England UK

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Since my first session my symptoms have dropped by about 90%. I can hardly believe the difference after suffering for the last 4 years. I hope it’s not a fluke. I have been using the CD and have felt much more relaxed and able to go into work without sitting on the toilet for an hour beforehand. Will see you next week. Thanks
Martin, Airline Pilot, Strathclyde, Central Scotland UK

Chocolate Addiction – 15 years
I can’t believe it’s me. I was eating 6 big bars of chocolate a day and sometimes I was so desperate that I was getting up during the night looking for chocolate. I was tired and miserable. Now I feel quite indifferent to it, it’s incredible. I can pass rows of chocolate in the shops and feel nothing.
Julie, Receptionist, Kings Park, Glasgow, Scotland UK

Fear of Flying and Lift Phobia – 40 years duration
Can’t thank you enough. I hope you like the gift from Singapore. I have just returned from visiting my son who runs a nightclub there. He has been there for 6 years and this is the first time I have been able to visit him. I even took the scenic lift to my son’s flat, 8 floors up a multi-storey. Wow! I’ve had these problems for most of my life, over 40 years and had 4 sessions with you and feel I’ve got my life back.
Helen, Housewife, Odense, Denmark

Driving Test Nerves
Passed after 2 sessions of hypnosis. I was beginning to despair after failing 7 times through stress and nerves. It was great being able to do it by webcam. There aren’t any hypnotherapists near me. The CD was great and I will continue to use it from time to time as it makes me sooo relaxed. Thanks Linda.
Tricia, Waitress, Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland UK

Public Speaking
I was very sceptical about hypnosis as you know. I didn’t think I could be hypnotised and although I wasn’t very sure how I felt when I left your place, I definitely saw a difference when it came to doing the presentation. I still had a bit of nerves but nothing compared to what I had been like before. It went down really well and we had a great week exploring Moscow with the days we had left.
Peter, Research Scientist, Glasgow, Scotland UK

I am feeling much more relaxed about myself, especially at work with all the bosses. I don’t feel anything like as intimidated as I did before. But I know now it was my stuff, my fear of people in authority. One of the managers has invited me to apply for a promotion. I don’t think that would have happened before I did the hypnotherapy.
Thanks again,
Colin, IT, Renfrew, Scotland UK

Agoraphobia/Lift Phobia – 35 years
My family are delighted at the improvement in me. I am delighted at the improvement in me. After 35 years of fear and not being able to go out unless, door to door, by taxi and usually needing someone with me, I have been able to come to your clinic by myself. The first few sessions by webcam were brilliant and worked so quickly, I felt so much better after just the first session. I’m smiling from ear to ear. My son thinks I’m mad. But he doesn’t understand agoraphobia. He just thinks I’m mad anyway. It’s a wonder I managed to have a son. My husband has the patience of a saint. When I got married I had to walk down 23 flights of stairs in my wedding dress because I was too scared to use the lift. I have been on 3 buses today by myself. My husband was going to go to Canada by himself in September because I can’t fly. He’s asked me to get a passport. I’ll give it a few weeks before I decide, but it does seem exciting now that it’s a real possibility.
Margaret, Edinburgh, Scotland UK

Sexual Problem – Impotence
I never realised how insecure I felt about myself and how it affected my ability to relate to women in an intimate way. I was fine being their pal but when it came to anything else I freaked and lost it, literally. I am more confident generally, much more relaxed about everything. My girlfriend has been very supportive and everything is working fine. Thanks.
David, Support Worker, Paisley, Scotland UK

Pain Management
Thanks for all your help. It’s incredible. I’m pain free most of the week now and can do things I haven’t been able to do for years. My 70 year-old mother was having to do my housework. I put my washing out yesterday. I couldn’t do that 6 weeks ago. I still have MS, but I am able to cope so much better. Now and again I might feel some discomfort coming back but I act on it right away and use the EFT you taught me or I do a bit of self-hypnosis and that keeps it under control. Fantastic, I wish I had known about this years ago.
Kathy, Bristol, England UK

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